A hard working perfectionist that specializes within the realms of realism and neo-traditionalism, Darja Lane is also the least tattooed artist at Black Kross.

With her career as a tattooer starting in August of 2020 when she applied for an internship at Black Kross, she’s come a long way or as she likes to put it “I’m proud of the tattoos that I’ve done because they show how far I’ve come now”.

She started out doing old school and traditional tattoos but soon found the perfectionist in her taking over and pushing her into realism, neo trad and trash-polka where she feels more in control.

As she draws inspiration from all around and everywhere, the evermoving life around her becomes her vision. Details, fine interplay between shadows and light, the photograph-like results;

This is what fascinates Darja as a tattoo artist.


Special knacks and wants – Portraits.

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