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Crafting Stories, One Tattoo at a Time

Welcome to Black Kross Tattoo – a beacon of creativity in the heart of Reykjavík. Situated in Hamraborg, Kópavogur, our tattoo and piercing studio was established in 2017 by Ásthildur and Jason with a vision to create a unique and different environment within the tattoo industry.

We’re all about personal service here. When you step into our den, you’re not just another canvas, you’re the star of the show – that’s right, first, second, and third. We roll out the red carpet with our warm reception, because, hey, first impressions are just as permanent as tattoos, aren’t they?

Kick back in our cozy studio and chat up with our motley crew of artists. They’ve got a treasure trove of experience, tattooing skills sharper than their needles, and professionalism to boot – even when they’re wearing Converse. We run a tight ship, functioning like a hive mind – minus the buzzing, of course.

We started as a humble single-floor studio, but much like your tattoo collection, we’ve expanded. Today, we rock operations on two floors in Hamraborg 14a.

Here at Black Kross Tattoo, we embrace the power of community. We are consistently active on social media, keeping our customers and the wider community engaged. From throwing memorable parties to organizing exciting flash day events, we aim to make Black Kross Tattoo more than a tattoo shop – it’s a lifestyle, an experience.

We welcome you to join the Black Kross Tattoo family and experience tattooing at its finest.

Multi-award winning Tattoo & Piercing Shop

Black Kross Tattoo

Hamraborg 14a
200 Kópavogur

+354 680 6662

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