Black Hole, an artist whose very existence parallels the depths of her work – enigmatic, profound, and intense. The spectrum of her artistry sways between the eerie to the inexplicable, a testament to her unique blend of horror and awe. Her journey from being a celebrated horror artist to an avant-garde tattoo artist started in 2017, and since then, her creations have been a symbolic representation of her profound fascination with darkness.

Her artistry is a catharsis that reveals the deepest corners of her soul, each piece reflecting inspiration derived from diverse sources such as macabre cinema, obscure cults, real-life crime scenes, and haunting dreams. Black Hole’s journey in mastering her craft initiated in a distinguished tattoo school in China, followed by a global pilgrimage where she embraced the role of a guest artist, enriching her style and expanding her creative horizon.

Years later, a collective of dark art enthusiasts and she established a unique art studio, a space that would incubate and radiate their distinct artistic vision. This creative endeavor led Black Hole to the stark landscapes of Iceland, where she discovered a symbiotic relationship between her artistic expression and the raw appeal of Icelandic black metal, as well as the ethereal resonance of cult religious art.

Her art is as paradoxical as her persona – it’s a portal that can transport observers to the heavens or the depths of hell, based on their perceptions. Black Hole is not merely an artist; she is an experience, an enigma that invites you to dive into the abyss, leading you towards a realm of breathtaking extremes.


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