Sigrún Rós is an internationally renowned tattoo artist with a highly respected reputation in the industry. Her journey began in 2006 when she began learning the art of tattooing. Sigrún’s passion for the craft quickly grew, and in 2010 she began working professionally, soon earning a reputation as a highly skilled artist with a loyal following of clients.

Sigrún is highly specialized in neo-traditional and watercolor tattoos, and is known for her intricate animal and floral designs. Her neo-traditional designs are characterized by bold lines, vibrant colors, and traditional elements blended with modern techniques. Meanwhile, her watercolor tattoos mimic the brushstroke style of watercolor paintings, resulting in beautiful, abstract designs that blend seamlessly into the skin.

Sigrún’s animal designs are highly detailed and realistic, and she has a particular talent for creating designs featuring exotic species. Similarly, her floral designs are intricate and highly sought after. Sigrún’s exceptional talent and unique designs have earned her numerous awards in categories such as best small, best large, best color, best watercolor, and small color tattoos. Her reputation as a highly skilled and unique tattoo artist has earned her a dedicated following of clients from all over the world.


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