As a tattoo artist since 1990, Jason’s proudest achievement would definitely be opening Black Kross with his wife Ásthildur.

He’s never had a particular style and has always had the abilities to adapt to whatever is thrown his way but his fondness of Traditional and Black&Grey isn’t exactly a secret.

Inspiration comes from wherever and whenever but the process is simple;

“I just draw up stuff I think is cool, and I’ll help the clients get the dopest stuff possible, then zap em in.”

Jason is a storyteller. Both in his work and in his words – and it ain’t a bad thing. The man has literally been everywhere and done everything. He graduated college as a painter and computer illustrator and took on the roles of being a graphic designer for all the tour merch from anyone from Slayer and Ozzy to Garth Brooks. From selling drugs to racing bmx bikes – Man’s been around.

With a special wanting to do more back pieces and more japanese traditional stuff – Jason is all ears for any project.


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