Meet Kíló, the undeniable heartbeat and resident rapper of the legendary Black Kross Tattoo Shop. Think hardcore street poet meets comic relief, wrapped in a package of tattoos, oversized sunglasses, and an ever-present gold chain that sparkles almost as much as his quick wit.

As the first face you see at Black Kross, Kíló is known for his unexpected blend of street smarts and infectiously hilarious banter. Yes, he’s got that ‘gangster’ vibe going on, but the only drive-by you’ll be witnessing is a drive-by of hilarious punchlines and rap verses that flow smoother than your grandma’s gravy.

On the microphone, Kíló is a force to be reckoned with. His rhymes, filled with clever wordplay and humorous anecdotes, perfectly encapsulate his day-to-day experiences. From dealing with difficult customers to his adventures in the alleyways of the urban jungle, Kíló’s rap is a true reflection of his larger-than-life personality.

And let’s not forget about his heart – it’s enormous. It’s got to be, to fit all the love he has for his crew and lobster biscuits. This man’s got more heart than a cardiologist’s office, and he’s not afraid to show it.

At the Black Kross Tattoo Shop, Kíló is a jack of all trades and the king of charm. He’ll help you pick your design, bust out a rap about it, make you laugh, probably make himself laugh, and before you know it, you’ve got a new tattoo and a favorite new rapper.

All in all, Kíló is a true urban legend – a rapping, joking, love-spreading, ink-loving legend of the Black Kross Tattoo Shop. Step into his world, and prepare for a riotous ride. It’s guaranteed to leave a mark, and not just in ink.


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