Jason Thompson

Ok. So, The basics, I’m Jason Cullen Thompson. I’ve been a tattooer since 1999. I wound up in Iceland in 2006 after getting invited to the first tattoo convention that was held here. While I was here for this convention I was offered a spot at a local tattoo shop..during this time I was still recovering from hurricane Katrina …(I was living in Mississsippi ,about 30 meters from the ocean ) And following that Flood, if you lost everything and were homeless, the government (eventually) would give you a camping trailer to live in .That was cool for about 3 hours. It was at that point that I realised.. shit. I live in a trailer in a small beach town that has been totally flattened by a hurricane and flood….

This was never part of my game plan for life. So, shit.(everything happens for A reason )… was an easy move-just one suit case…I was able to work at a few different shops over the years here, until my wife and I opened our own shop.And that shop would be…(drum roll)….Black Kross Tattoo. I specialize in traditional and cover ups.

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